Agitate (aka Agitate: 21C) is an organic local and online-based international avant-garde co-founded by Xiaoer Liu, Gisela Guzman, and M. Woods. Agitate is all inclusive and has multiple manifestos, all open-source, all open to those willing to commit to the avant-garde which is decidedly against the institutional white-patriarchal chains of power in all facets of society, including the art world.

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Agitate Manifesto No. 5

M. Woods


history is dying/dead - in cancer - written on clouds - but on nothing. The idea born out of hell and Darwinist flexing;
And the AlphaDigital thinks: Social Darwinism is the same as evolution, isn’t it?
We will depose the AlphaDigital and its White Supremacist Patriarchal ancestry.

This is a manifesto written by a flawed person, and therefore it is a flawed manifesto. I hope you destroy the parts that are flawed through action. These first 4 rules, however, are not flawed. The ineptitude of my own communication and the limits of my vocabulary may diminish the potency of the following rules, but my failure does nothing to discount the essence of Rules 1-4. These are rules that should be at the heart of every Avant-Garde.

I hope very soon I am usurped as a leader in this avant-garde. I want to be sublimated into the front line. I want the leadership to be reflective of our world, and, as I explain further, please bear with me when I speak in the first person. I do not intend to overshadow anyone, simply to use my shadow as a means of transcendence. I intend to bolster the avant-garde even if it rejects me in return.

1.) White Patriarchy, White supremacy, and Machismo have no place in society or the Avant-Garde. White Patriarchy, White supremacy, and Machismo are the

targets of the front-line. [I am Latino, but I have a white biological father. My white father left my immigrant mother to raise me by herself, with the support of my aunts and grandparents. My grandparents are Costa Rican and Ecuadorian. They endured racism and class warfare throughout their time in the US. I was raised as a Latino. I acknowledge my white privilege, but I have had my racial identity dictated to me, mostly by white people who have told me: “You’re not Latino. You are white.” I am Latino. I am Latino by blood and by my upbringing. I acknowledge that I am accepted as white, and I also acknowledge that this experience, of white privilege, is far different than the painful experiences endured by my family. My daughter, who is half-Black as well, will also have a more difficult experience inherently as a woman of color. From my perspective as a white-passing minority, I have seen the corrosive effects of White Supremacy firsthand, even as racism is not pointed directly at me. I bear witness to institutional and social racism. I have heard what many white people say when they think there are no people of color around. I have seen racism perpetuated by white institutions of art, law, academics, business... I have seen how this white patriarchy creates caste systems within our Latinx diaspora as well, based on the darkness of our skin. I know the inherent lightness of my skin makes me all the more likely to succeed in society. For that reason, I must and will fight against white patriarchal control of the avant-garde. The days of fake avant-garde all-white curating are over. We will not prejudge. We will accept all people. But to truly be an avant-garde in 2019, white control and the silencing of women and all racial and gender minorities will not be tolerated. Anyone who feels offended by rule 1 should promptly abandon hopes of being Avant-Garde. You are not part of the front line, and you

will never be. I acknowledge, my whiteness, my privilege, prevents me from making sound judgments at times. If I am out of line and incapable of seeing my privilege, I hope the avant-garde removes me and continues against White Patriarchy. As a child of a different ethnic background than most of my classmates, I was bullied despite my whiteness. My congenital physical disabilities resulted in a lack of athletic ability and a fondness for reading, writing, and art. Homophobic slurs were used to degrade my personhood, and although I am not a member of the LGBTQIA community, I acknowledge the abuse that our siblings have endured. It is constant. It is traumatic. It will not be part of the Avant-Garde. The Avant-Garde IS LGBTQIA and all inclusive. While I am not a woman, I also acknowledge the women in my life who have to fight tooth and nail for the same basic rights as white males. I acknowledge that women in my life have endured sexual predation in many forms because of men who believe they will never be caught of outed for their atrocities. Men, who in the privacy of their “own kind”, refer to women as sexual objects and nothing more. I acknowledge I have not done enough to raise my voice in solidarity with our siblings, but that is what we shall do in the Avant-Garde. It is the single most important purpose of the Avant-Garde, beyond any aesthetic considerations, and it is Rule 1 for Agitate.]

2.) We will not tolerate hate speech, bullying, or oppression of any kind. We celebrate the voices of the LGBTQIA community, women, racial minorities, impaired peoples, and especially trans, non-binary, and intersex siblings. We will listen to each other and lift up the voices of oppressed people because in 2019 “essential

cinema” is not 99% white and male, it is 100% all inclusive. If you do not agree, you have no part in the Avant-Garde
3.) No dogma. Any medium permitted. Any perspective permitted. We must disagree with others in the front-line, but together we must end white patriarchy and its associated institutions. These destructive and negating institutions include systems of academia, curation, and distribution. We will create our own methods of distribution and exhibition to counter these institutions. We will not pay lip service, but instead, we will build an operating infrastructure that challenges the existing white power structures, and we will share the responsibility. We understand class as a major consideration, but class warfare itself is often the result of racial inequities. We do not believe that racism only exists because of class inequality. We understand that they are two separate and powerful evils that work in tandem. We can challenge both without undermining either.

4.) Anyone who wants to be a leader in the Avant-Garde can be a leader in THIS Avant-Garde [so long as rules 1, 2, & 3 are not violated.]


Agitate21c NOW - born in a digital cocoon but alive in each member.
A few NO Rules (for Nothing) Here:
Rule 1-1-2-3-5 
- “‘Originality’ and ‘Authenticity’ should not be considered as valid academic/art terms.” Whatever that means. [Please join us, RSVP, another art movement based on hipster youth, trust funded by the great white illuminati. Make delightful pornography/eye candy/carpet fiber/carbon jargon garden starving. Make lots of $$$ -

hand over fist - on bo$$ - that’s gang $hit - for the un-initiated — Make money. Make money. Make money. Take money money.]
8 - Complacency and Apathy are punishable by death. And this should be taken completely sincerely, authentically. What an original thought.

13 - Death may include the construction of a mechanical corpse working to carry out tasks to fulfill the huge deficits left by your untimely death; you are a failure to the global productive effort, which is worse than death. Your untimely death is economic terrorism, and you will be treated with disgrace and shame. Gain capital, suffer, suffer, suffer, and then never feel if you’re lucky.

An experiential weapon. A drug that you use to lace all the drinks. ALL THE DRINKS. Hallucinations for you and you and you. YOU GET A VISION! YOU GET A VISION! that you slip into every BODY
(yeaaaaaah). Chug. “Go hard or go home. Go hard or go home.”

FORCED introspection tastes just like free ENTERTAINMENT, and visceral. Artaudian bad trip art. An LSD intestinal clench, a rush in the esophageal tract. Tingling demon syrup crawling up like parasitic seminal colonies into the brain and planting a rotted stump. You can get the Art that causes a good trip. Art that gets you real high. Art that gets you down deep in the shit. Like where you know the shit trigger is. Gets deep down in the shits and makes you cry and controls you from the bowels up into seat of your new parasitic soul.

movement is imperative. A form of art makes us marionettes. and in effect a new counter- culture?

I am a prop. Dissociation is the act of exiting the body/prop; whether the physical body of the newly forged iron of the ¡evolved human machine! Mechanomorphic bliss text; or the senseless body of societal values. Instead we are the nothing stripped to its nothing and more authentic because of it, a group of minds coalescing for the sake of our common objective - our own free expression against the obstacles, institutions, and apparatuses exterminating free thought. Exterminate null objecthood and serialized existence using null objecthood and serialized art drugs; speak as individual for individual without individual sovereignty understanding I am you. We have a responsibility to...

create but not nothing? express but not empty? publicize radical philosophies on capitalist controlled platforms in order to salvage what is left of the quivering edifice of the human psyche.


AVANT-GARDE front line front forging ahead front falling on the sword front killing the enemy front getting the bullets front first in the offensive first to defend first to destroy and first to be savagely destroyed for the very impetus to exist and to express and to hold values strong enough to end this time-space and the false reality that’s been projected on its contours. First to allow itself to be fluid, to operate in fluid forms, to take shrapnel and let the body become fluid, to express gender fluidly, to become fluid to match the ever- changing contours of the AlphaDigital model it reacts against.

newly regenerating newly fluid flesh forward progressing through the void past an invisible barrier and picturing invisible things and notating inaudible sounds


Pressure pressure a corrupt dictatorial body – Mr. Mechanomorphic MAN has become AlphaDigital, devoid of emotion, alpha man is IO; mind sterile as a mule (with porno caches and electronic dances.) The “humans” - [quotes for effect] - in global society follow the televised cinema, ALPHADIGITAL, more man than man and more woman

than woman but never both in one, more purely man, purely woman, no fluidity, neither gender nor physical fluidity. (ACTUALLY they are fluid by design, they only think they are rigid. They eat a reality that itself is made of liquid nothingness in liquid crystals in post-electric waves in simulated forms and they don’t even know what they are or who they are; this despite having a rigid map explaining their crystalline atomic/nationalist/ religious/fundamentalist/apathetic constructions.)

Underlying advertised attraction is fascistic rigidity (even though this same rigidity undermines machismo, this cartoon character rejects fluidity with predatory violence in order to imprint its supposed manhood onto the flesh of another through an act of butchery; butchery itself an act of making the rigid fluid). They Right calls its opponent a snowflake as if to imply a lack of rigid construction, subject to a change in the weather. Yet the Right changes its opinion like its clothes when it suits its allegiance to political party. The Right fluidly matches the contours of the next grotesque political movement, so long as it remains Right.

Alpha Male from Mr. Mechanomorphic Man to Digital Nothing (AlphaDigital) finds itself lost in fluidity, trying to become rock, an obstacle, a wall. Yet its comfort is being promptly and sloppily satisfied with immediate gratification and euphoric nausea in place of disciplined fascism. They must rely on ideals to stay rigid, the Nationalism and Marvelous religious doctrines offering new sleek digital penetration and rock arena sermons and computer generated Captain Americas - simulated into fluid dimensions

through SOFTware, graphic icons for worship, and you can never touch them until you acquire enough liquid capital. Apathy is rigid, as is centrism. There is really no difference between centrism and fascism, they flow into one another. Some want a stable daddy and some want a strong, powerful daddy; the self is nothing and must secure the perceived rigidity of a strong digital role player. The more recognizable the icon, the less tangible the reality, the more metastatic the communication and spectacle, the more the simulated rigidity trumps everything else that is real, that is hard ground. Yet the AlphaDigital has no real interest in the rigidity facticity of existence. No interest in the truth of action as it occurs in the world without human context. They know enough to doubt the finite ground. They unconsciously know the infinite is a sea that will wash away their fetish for stability. As they drive towards death they unconsciously know their body will never reach this state of rigidity, and they thrash against their own inability to be anything but a vacuum that no wall can fill.

Euphoria-driven material destruction of the human mind [check?] another form of alpha butchery. The emphatic and silent acceptance of political methods of monstrous violence, rape and sexual degradation, torture, and nonchalant disregard for other human life, ignorance to society’s civil rights abuses, and our adoption of rigorous fascist social constraints. Solipsism is the answer for AlphaDigital. Sit on the throne of god and you are as stable as possible. You can explain everything. (Until you’re knocked off the throne and into the hole.) All political persuasions strive towards Solipsistic reign. The Neoliberal uses a veil, the Hard Right uses a gun, and the pragmatic Centrists use polls,

money, and apathy in equal distribution. Each are convinced the other have no logic or foundational thought, yet each are fundamentalists relying on the inner-torrent of anger, which they sublimate into self-gratification.

The AlphaDigital has an existential hypocrisy that for the AlphaDigital must be reconciled through violence. Fluidity is not acceptable, yet the AlphaDigital attempts fascistic and apathetic rigidity. In effect, the Artist/Revolutionary must in turn take on a sort of butchery through fluid forms against the AlphaDigital, yet the “artist” in 2019 (what a rigid time stamp) is now a pseudo-scientist experimenting with nothing and saying nothing and in effect communicating a rigid apathy that is synonymous with the rigid institutions they wish to penetrate with their soft non-commitalism.

The only artists recognize the fluidity of even the analog into a digital void, and they celebrate this fluidity, even the diarrheal expression that never really becomes rigid even as the work of art is conclusively stated. The work continues its radical action through the experiences of the former spectator, the former AlphaDigital audience that now must figure out how to react against waves that crash harder than the force of its own fascism.

Hyperreal people are made by hyperreal methods. So how could they possibly be anything but liquid or vacuous? Even death is produced by simulated methods - drones with rockets and drones with cameras. Police officers with cameras that flip off and police officers with guns that stay on. Police officers that wish they could have been in

the Rodney King video. Police Officers that simulate law and order while expressing supremacy. Supremacy is the act of butchering, tenderizing flesh, shocking flesh, raping, in order to establish these simulated beings as real real. Because they cause real violence, therefore they must be real, Right? The Left reacts by simulating protest and then performing online protest and then performing nothing. Leaving the artist with no other option but to use modes of nothingness to create an alchemical reaction. Not a rigid philosophy but a fluid birth.

Now I will be selfish. I am a male by birth. I have a penis and I have only found myself sexually attracted to those who are considered female by birth. Those females may not be women but may be women sometimes, men sometimes, and neither, depending on how they find themselves. Therefore I am considered a man by birth but I have never been born as one finite thing. I am constantly shedding. I am not a man. I am sometimes dissatisfied by my lack of manliness. I am sometimes satisfied with my state of being for the pleasure of my lover, regardless of what I am. I am sometimes fearful I cannot be an instrument of satisfaction. I am sometimes satisfied with my anatomy. I am sometimes dissatisfied with my physical presence. I am sometimes not large and imposing enough upon the physical world. I am sometimes too large and too much of an obstacle. I am sometimes ambivalent to my manliness. I am sometimes “man enough.” I am sometimes never man enough. I am sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, sometimes both, sometimes genderless, sometimes nothing at all, most times just a body. Sometimes I forget I have a penis, sometimes I am dissatisfied with my penis, I am sometimes

satisfied with the sublimation my body provides for my lover. Sometimes I am alone and feel I have no love. Sometimes I am a body. Sometimes I am in sexual need. Sometimes this sexual need is satisfied, sometimes this need is a desire for my lover. Sometimes this need is a desire for nothingness. Sometimes this need is a simulation of need so that I don’t feel as empty, so I can feel rigid like the Alpha. Sometimes I must sublimate myself through my desire. Sometimes I have no desire. Sometimes I am as fluid as the infinite tumble. And sometimes I want to be as rigid as a phallus. Sometimes I want to be as filled as an orifice. Sometimes I want to be frozen in impossible death. Sometimes I flirt with suicide to prove to myself I am incapable of choosing this rigid death. I will never be a man. I will never be anything but what I am as I am. I will never be anything but what I recollect myself being. And even if I were to accomplish the act of self-gratification or suicide, I would only achieve the act of melting or sublimating into another form as fluid or vacuous as the form I now occupy. This is all I will say about my self for now. This is not all that I will say about myself. I have mainly said things about my self. I see myself as ugly. I see myself as not ugly when I see I have power. I almost never have power. I try to seize power but always give it up. I am a wave.

The majority of citizens under the rule of the mechanical aristocracy digital corporate transnational international global nationalist syndicate monetary nothing system economic foreplay formed by government (and government is always Right no matter what way you slice it even when it says it’s not) major media outlets that tell minor media outlets how to behave which tell the bourgeoisie how to behave who tell the working

class how to behave who don’t know how to behave, because they love and hate their media diet.) Businessmen fuck daddy businessman that is Alpha not necessarily male. Daddy businessman likes to switch roles with white clergy-politician, but $$$ [nothing] is always in charge. Exchanging fluid capital instead of or in addition to productive bodily fluids. Waiting for it to crust, then breaking it, then fucking it open, then using the excrement, waste products of the body, to change the “rigid” natural reality. The ultimate proof of AlphaDigital is its ability to butcher the whole ground. And yet, these weak “strongmen” take the shape of advertisements, conforming to a variety of corporate- sanctioned stereotypes created to induce Solipsism. Like movie directors that break-in their actors and lick at their own little genius.

It is the mechanical aristocracy/bourgeoisie AlphaDigital that, through incest, shit out the Digital Sickness. [The Digital Sickness is something that M. Woods talks about. This is a selfish thing to add to a manifesto. This is a selfish manifesto. Who is M. Woods? M. Woods is nothing, so don’t worry. You, don’t worry. I don’t know if if you ever worry. I can’t know.] The Digital Sickness is the new holy spirit, and if you don’t have it you can’t be a part of reality any longer. This is how the Numb Spiral gobble gobble gobbles you up.

The Digital Sickness is responsible for the popularization of counter-culture movements that aren’t countering anything. The Digital Sickness is responsible for Bourgeoisie counter-culture that leads to the election of monsters. The Bourgeoisie loves displaying

its shit - a little liquid/solid showboat of vacuum excrement. The Bourgeoisie is too busy having FUN to deal with this shit, so it convinces the working class to eat it; otherwise it just becomes a big pile of shit. If you want to change anything, come back when the bourgeoisie is done wearing its costume. You cannot rip off the bourgeoisie because they will become petulant at the sublimation of their comfort. So the bourgeoisie keeps protesting through fun, with flesh and flash and costumes. The bourgeoisie is afraid of its own bloodshed and will not allow you to make life boring. Once the bourgeoisie is uncomfortable or bored, they will act accordingly, and concessions will be made to once again restore their comfort and entertainment.

Controlled rebellion is simulated; so no real violence can escape the bourgeoisie. If YOU successfully revolt, they will make a movie about it, feigning nonconformity, eradicating any philosophy necessary, even conceding some civil rights to restore equilibrium and 3- car garages so they can keep exfoliating. Only the bourgeoisie gets to enjoy the organic. They repay the organic by simulating it so everyone under the poverty line can eat cancer. The bourgeoisie can only consume the organic, they can’t be organic. So they sell fake personas to try and ensure that nobody else can be real either. This doesn’t work the way the Bourgeoisie intends, because there are real people in tents who suffer. So the bourgeoisie just ignores their suffering by making television about simulated suffering. (That’s how the bourgeoisie digests the suffering of others. Movies are perfect fuel for Solipsism. Solipsism is just a stupid, upper-class nihilism. Eventually the solipsist stumbles into the Numb Spiral.) The bourgeoisie envies the liquid suffering of the lower

caste, so it offers rigid mechanomorphic roles for the working class. It then creates machines to replace the working class, forcing the working class to watch its usurpation by the “truly erect” machine, in an act that is nothing short of liquidation. Everything must go.

There is no selling out in a world that is liquid attempting to freeze. Embrace liquidity, drown yourselves. Yourselves are not important. Your petty ethos are nothing. Take the money and use it to make a more powerful ice pick out of a snowflake. You can’t wash over the dead consciousness of the spectatorial populace without using the nothingness against itself. We only have the currency of nothingness to play with, so we might as well transcend its nothingness. How do you transcend nothingness? Feed and nourish. Function in a way that justifies appearances. Lift up your siblings to usurp the patriarchs. No bloodshed necessary. “Crack your skulls without penetrating your skin.”

Let the ectoplasm commingle with the atmosphere. Deux ex machina to catharsis. Catharsis that must be as restorative as water, even through regurgitation. Whatever medium. No dogma. Transactions of consciousness. Transmediated spilling. Fight against work born in layers of lacquer and gloss like suspended masturbation fearing the transactional orgasms, without release into the world. Losing control and regaining control. Inevitably losing everything to gain everything back. Like a manifesto against “manhood” that cannot operate within the rules of grammar to communicate and must still communicate everything. There is no direction, instruction, experiment, canon that

will point you towards transcendence. Transcendence occurs through the artist as a conduit; transcendence occurs when the artist realizes that the artist is not an artist nor much of anything other than the way Everything more clearly communicates itself.

“You free? Not yet. Face the truth, but not yet...”

Because there is a never for you and me that we will always hold dear until we reject it.

“Get these... check this out son, word up.”

“This goes out to you. This goes out to you and you and you.”

No art is worth the degradation of the real. While the artist may suffer, no art is worth the infliction of physical suffering upon another. No art can be justified that allows fascistic rigidity during its construction. Art made through colonization, supremacy, torture, degradation, and the infliction of suffering is worth less than excrement. Excrement is more productive. Art must feed, even if it disassociates the spectator from its body. The act of disassociation is only meant to more completely connect the spectator with its real self, which is not spectatorial. Through art, we will feed the former spectator and help them to question the negative institutions that have falsely molded its fluid form into a piece of AlphaDigital machinery and code. It may abrade like a flood, but it will allow consciousness to find solid ground on which to arrive back at an Everything that is

anything but finite. It will allow consciousness to find infinite sea on which to float in an Everything that is one.

The barrier for the previous avant-garde was dogma - the Surrealists, the Dadaists, the Beats, the Situationists, Hip-Hop... The principal artists from these movements created art that fed consciousness, meanwhile their own consciousness was clouded by the egotistical internal struggles indicative of the struggle for power. They could not exact large-scale revolution because of the thirst for power and capital, usurped by the same institutional rigidity they supposedly rejected. Nothing I have said is worth dissolving the Avant-Garde. The Avant-Garde can reject every word in this manifesto and still be more Avant-Garde than I will ever be. But I will be on the front-line and allow myself to become fluid. I do not care about myself. I care about these words in so much as I have tried to use them properly. Kill me, tear me apart, destroy me, and you will still never have touched the Avant-Garde. I will not complain. Kill me and you will have only made the Avant-Garde stronger. But the real Avant-Garde will one day act parasitically to butcher Solipsism and Fascism. That real Avant-Garde might be the uprising of the poor trying to feed itself when all else has failed. Therefore, I will act as a guerrilla terrorist, I will occupy every space possible, I will take every institution, I will not give a fuck about dogma or ethos, and if there are enough of us, we will take back what’s ours, in our image, for our people, against the homogenous rigidity of oppressive control. Obscenity is that which has become clearly representative of its nothingness. And so the Avant- Garde will one day wipe out the obscenities of this world - the nations, the religions, the

dogmas, the patriarchies, the economies, the racial supremacies, and the hyperreality that binds them as one cancer. And what is actually obscene: the masses that have been molded to oppose themselves, the inability to dissent either by oppression or through psychological manipulation, the constant and blatant use of torture covered up by lies, the perpetual purging of civil rights by the ruling race, the acceptance of this hyperreality without a fight. That is actual obscenity. Blind hedonism breeding a Spartan race that kills off its young and makes a movie of the genocide to anesthetize its truth. In retaliation to this obscenity, if one must vomit endlessly in the sea sickness of fluidity, if one must become excrement, if one must become pornographic, if one must abrade the infection until it spills out all of the sickness, if I must offer my body as sacrifice, so be it.

I see no solace in escaping.