fractal death 1-8

merry xmas: end is near


Window Shopping (in the fall of babylon)

Dailies from Dumpland (Feature Film)

Press [FIRE] to start!

Stuck in the 90's: Episodes 3-1


The Good Doctor is Back

Commodity Trading: Numb Spiral (A VR Music Video)

Closing Bell



$$$ 2010 Youtube Atrocity Pervert Megamixxx Starring Maria Montez & The Pleasure Principle $$$

An Infinite Loop for Resistance - 2018 Rotterdam International Film Festival

Commodity Trading: Election Day (Part 1 of 3) - Winner of the Montreal Underground Film Festival 2017; Official Selection of Collectif Jeune Cinema’s Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas - Please see CV for more screenings.

For Dies Irae

For Dies Irae v2 (Slower so you can feel the Digital Sickness)

Dailies from Dumpland Series (Parts 1-5, including Dailies from the USA)

Mechanomorphic Nostalgia

Hilda - Assistant Director, Assistant Editor, 2nd Unit Cinematography - Dir. Kiira Benzing - Tribeca Film Festival 2017 selection



Commodity Trading: A Small Effigy (Video Loop)

The Doctor Is In (Digitized Mechanomorphic Consciou{SIC}ness Landscape #5)

Stuck in the 90’s Episode -1: Zac Efron Sex Tape

Bedford Cheese (2016 version)

Trailer for a Trailer


Post-Panoptic Gazing - Nominated for the jury prize at Montreal Underground Film Festival and Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas. Broadcast on television in Australia on Delete TV. Reviewed in Film International.

The Numb Spiral: A Quick Mess (Video Loop)



Am I Don Quixote? - Co-writer/Editor/Sound Designer/16mm Visual Effects - Feature film Directed by Jimmy Ferguson

Matterspacetime - Editor, Sound Designer, Visual Effects - Short film Directed by Kiira Benzing

Bushwick Signs - 16mm Short Commissioned by Tribeca Film Festival & Persol Sunglasses featuring Meres One, legendary street artist and founder of 5 Pointz.



Party Fun - (Digitized Mechanomorphic Consciou{SIC}ness Landscape #4)

Disamix 1 - 3rd Place at the Boomtown Film and Music Festival. Collaboration with Nick Heppding and Shaun Kim

A Day in a Place - (Scene from upcoming feature film {EXODUS} Melencolia) - Reviewed in Film International. Broadcast on Souvenirs from Earth TV in France and Germany

I Gotta Feeling - (Scene from upcoming feature film {EXODUS} Melancholia) Broadcast on Souvenirs from Earth TV in France and Germany



Melancholy Cheese Arrhythmia (Digitized Mechanomorphic Conscious{SIC}ness Landscape #3) - Nominated for the Jury Prize at the Montreal Underground Film Festival. Broadcast on Souvenirs from Earth TV in France and Germany

Narc - A Music Video for Glass Teeth - Special Commendations at the Paris Festival for Different and Experimental Cinemas and at Seconda Voce Music Video Festival

Bedford Cheese (Digitized Mechanomorphic Conscious{SIC}ness Landscape #2) (2012 version)


“Diz Knee Wurld” Starring the Prom Date Fuck - Broadcast on Souvenirs from Earth TV in France and Germany



Elutriate (Digitized Mechanomorphic Conscious{SIC}ness Landscape #1


Spectacle Fire Turtle Extermination