M. Woods (b. 1988, NYC)

Represented Artist at LACDA Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles



NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Kanbar Institute of Film and Television Production, Bachelor of Fine Art with Honors, 2010



2018    Rotterdam International Film Festival (IFFR), The Netherlands - "An Infinite Loop for Resistance - Shown in the DINAMO screening series. European Premiere.

2018    Los Angeles Center for the Digital Art, USA - First Solo Exhibit & Curated Shows - "The Numb Spiral Part 1: Building the Wall" - an exhibit of work by M. Woods; the first parasitic event of the Numb Spiral. Featuring performance art, virtual reality, video art, experimental film, photography, collage, paintings, and projections. "How Analog Impedes/How Digital Infects" - A show curated by M. Woods featuring work by Gisela Guzman, Karissa Hahn, Premstar Santana, Victor Acevedo, Jesse Russell Brooks, Andrew Kim, Michelle Chu, Lauren Woods, Frank Synkowicz, J. E. Sharpe, and others.

2018   "Tr*mp Th*s" - Anniversary of the Inauguration show at the Museum of Human Achievement - Sponsored & Curated by Experimental Response Cinema, Austin, Texas - "Dailies from the USA"

2018    Inattendus Film Festival, Lyon, France - "Commodity Trading: Election Day"

2018   "Here Comes Everybody" Episodes 18 & 19 - American Television Broadcast by Will Erdogan - "An Infinite Loop for Resistance" & "Dailies from Dumpland 5"


2017    Los Angeles Center for the Digital Art, USA - "$$$ Youtube Atrocity Pervert Megamixxx Starring Maria Montez and the Pleasure Principle"

2017    Underneath The Floorboards, London, England - "An Infinite Loop for Resistance" WORK IN PROGRESS

2017    Festival Tous Courts Aix en Provence, France - "Commodity Trading: Election Day" - In Competition

2017    Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, Collectif Jeune Cinema, France - "Commodity Trading: Election Day" - Nominated for the Jury Prize

2017    Los Angeles Center for the Digital Arts, USA - "Dailies from Dumpland Part 5"

2017    "Here Comes Everybody" Episodes 14, 15, & 16 - American Television Broadcast by Will Erdogan - "Post-Panoptic Gazing", "Dailies from the USA", and "Dailies from Dumpland 3"

2017    Geofilm Festival and Expo Cinema, Italy - "Commodity Trading: Election Day" - Opening Film

2017    Simultan Film Festival, Romania - "Dailies from Dumpland Part 5"

2017    Courts Critiques 12, Quebec City - "An Infinite Loop for Resistance"

2017    AM Egypt Film Festival, Cairo - "Commodity Trading: Election Day"

2017    Blue Magpie Film Series, Curated by Dr. Dean Brink, Taiwan - "Commodity Trading: Election Day" & "The Doctor Is In"

2017    Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles - Post-Imperfect-Panoptic Trading on Stilts - A night of work by Jason Halprin & M. Woods featuring 16mm and Super 8 dual projections and mixed-media video.

2017    Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival, UK - "Commodity Trading: Election Day"

2017    Courts Critiques 10, Montreal - "Dailies from the USA"

2017    LACDA Gallery, USA - Top 40 Competition - "Commodity Trading Permutations: Dump Trump 1" A 35mm multiple exposure with digital manipulation. Curated by Shana Nys Dambrot & Rex Bruce

2017    Montreal Underground Film Festival, Quebec, "Commodity Trading: Election Day" 1st Place Prize Recipient

2017    Fracto (Experimental Film Festival), Berlin, “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2017    LACDA Gallery, USA - Represented Artists' Show - “Dailies from Dumpland Parts 1-3” (16mm film w/ digital manipulation) & “Commodity Trading Permutation Photographic Print”

2017    Tribeca Film Festival, USA - Hilda (short doc) Dir. Kiira Benzing - Asst. Dir, Asst. Editor, 2nd Unit Cinematographer

2017    Experimental Response Cinema, USA - Fuck Trump Show - “Commodity Trading: Election Day”

2017    LACDA Gallery, USA - Featured Video Artist, March - “Dailies from Dumpland Parts 1 & 2”

2017    Courts Critiques 9, Montreal - “Commodity Trading: Election Day”

2017    LACDA Gallery, USA - Unpresidented: The Inaugural Show - “Commodity Trading: Unpresidented”


2016    LACDA Gallery, Los Angeles, USA - "Commodity Trading: Election Day" Video Loop

2016    Jornadas De Reapropiación, Mexico - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Festival Tous Courts of Aix-en-Provence, France- “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Toronto Urban Film Festival, Canada - “Trailer for a Trailer”

2016    New Jersey International Film Festival, USA - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Syracuse International Film Festival, USA - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Kinoflow Kísérleti Film Fesztivál, Hungary - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Delete TV, Australia - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    LACDA Gallery, Los Angeles, USA - Featured Video Artists, June - “Bedford Cheese”

2016    Cat on a Cool Metal Ceiling Group Program at Kilroy Metal Ceiling, Brooklyn, USA - “Bedford Cheese”

2016    India Habitat Centre with Usurp Zone 5 Gallery, New Delhi, India - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2016    Videology, Brooklyn, USA - Family Night curated by Steve Girard - “Stuck in the 90’s Episode -1: Zac Efron Sex Tape.”


2015    Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada - “Post-Panoptic Gazing” Nominated for Jury Prize.

2015    Collectif Jeune Cinema’s Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, France - “Post-Panoptic Gazing" - In Competition

2015    Coastal Currents Art Festival: Altered States, UK - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2015    Usurp Zone 5 Gallery Film Festival, UK - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2015    LACDA Gallery, Los Angeles, USA - Featured Video Artists, September - “Post-Panoptic Gazing”

2015    Curated and ran the one-off Gowanus Experimental Film Festival to benefit the Gowanus Arts Building. Featuring work by Michael Robinson, Lynne Sachs, Bobby Abate, Jessie Stead, Michelle Chu, Steve Girard, Mark Street, Joel Schlemowitz, Josh Lewis, Simon Liu, Lorenzo Gattorna, Jimmy Ferguson, Keith Miller, and a program by Mono No Aware.


2014    Tribeca Film Festival, USA - Film Atalier - Sponsored by Persol Sunglasses & Mono No Aware - “Bushwick Signs” w/ 5 Pointz Founder & Artist Meres One. 16mm Silent B&W short - edited on Steenbeck.

2014    Brooklyn Film Festival, USA - Exhibited selections from the feature film “Am I Don Quixote?” Editor, sound-designer, co-writer - M. Woods. Dir. Jimmy Ferguson


2013    ATA Gallery, San Francisco, USA Technophobia - “Elutriate”

2013    Collectif Jeune Cinema’s Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, France - “Narc” (highlights from 2012)

2013    Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Zeitgemässen Blickfang, Silentium Exit, Leiden, The Netherlands - “Disneyworld”

2013    Dizzyland curated by Trey La Trash, USA - “Disneyworld”

2013    Boomtown Film and Music Festival, USA - “Disamix 1” co-authored by Nicholas Heppding, Ryan Thiebault, and Shaun Kim - 3rd Place


2012    Souvenirs from Earth TV, France & Germany - “Dizz Knee Wurld”, “I’ve Gotta Feeling: A Trailer for the Feature Film [EXODUS] Melencolia”, “Erase Them Chicken Bones: A Scene from the Feature Film [EXODUS] Melencolia”)

2012    Collectif Jeune Cinema’s Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas, France - “Narc” - In Competition

2012    Montreal Underground Film Festival, Canada - “Melancholy Cheese Arrhythmia”

2012    Musiques Volantes Music Festival, Metz, France - “Narc”

2012    New Jersey International Film Festival, USA - “Disneyworld”

2012    Radio Panik, Belgium, L’Etranger - “Disneyworld” Sound Broadcast

2012    Manhattan Inn, Brooklyn, USA - “Bedford Cheese” On Loop


2011    ATA Gallery, San Francisco, USA - “Elutriate”

2011    Zero Day Exploits curated by Bryn Jackson, Brooklyn, USA - 3 Room Installations and a performance by the Prom Date Fuck




2018   "Interview: Michael Woods - Enter the Numb Spiral" - an article and review of The Numb Spiral by Patrick King, featured in "Cultured Vultures" online magazine.


2018    Review of "Disneyworld" by Nikola Gocic, writer for Cultured Vultures, Film Panic, and Taste of Cinema


2016    Film International Magazine, Escape into Hell by David Finkelstein. This is an article about “A Day in a Place: A Scene from [EXODUS] Melencolia” 


2016    Film International Magazine, Music from the Noise - M. Woods’ Post-Panoptic Gazing by David Finkelstein.


2016    Art Reveal Magazine, An Interview with M. Woods by Anne Grahm.



Teacher and Director of Immersive Media Curriculum at Studio Arts School, Los Angeles



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